HMRC Contact Number: 0330 200 3300

Phone a HMRC advisor by calling their mobile-friendly helpline 0330 200 3300, which you can call for free if you have free inclusive minutes, to discuss your tax affairs.

Contact HMRC by calling their main contact number 0330 200 3300. Formerly known as Inland Revenue, HMRC is the main tax office in the UK and regulates national insurance contributions, income tax & self-assessments as well as the payment of some tax-related benefits, such as tax credits.

Income Tax & Self Assessment

If you pay income tax through PAYE or through your employer please phone the main HMRC contact number 0330 200 3300 but if you pay taxes through the Self Assessment system as you’re self-employed please use their dedicated helpline 0300 200 3310. You can call these phone numbers to notify HMRC about a change of address, which you can also do via their website You can also call these phone numbers if you believe you have paid an incorrect amount of tax, either too much tax or to notify them that you have mistakenly underpaid and would like to rectify this.